Let the writing do

Before I start blogging and come with various stuff like write-ups, articles, etc. here’s a gist of mine. I am a student from India pursuing professional studies. Completed my graduation in commerce. Apart from academics I have a keen interest in ‘Internet of things’ like many other millennial have these days.

I have a bit of ambivert nature, figuring everything inside out and after repetitive failure into studies which was not the usual case earlier, repetitive depression modes, I thought of getting into my area of interest viz. to write on various topics which I can relate to, to keep myself calm, content and composed.

Occasionally I came up with write-ups though the scribbled ones and express my thoughts. Being a job seeker and imbibing loads of lethargic attitude, these brought me a good thing to develop my passion for writing. It may be disguised as internet fame like thing about having featured on some famous Instagram, Facebook pages, getting appreciation from your friends, colleagues or acquaintances, yet with great enthusiasm and excitement, I signed up with WordPress and got my very first domain registered as a blogger.

With the same amount of excitement and positive approach to develop more into writing and blogging, from now onward, let the writing do the rest.


4 thoughts on “Let the writing do

  1. Welcome brother! I would be eagerly waiting for your post! And am sure you will feel comfortable on wordpress amazing people around. Keep blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know that feel you have ☺It’s been just 8 days since I started in this blog, I clearly remember the unsure thought I had when the admins of my blog asked me to write. You will meet many more amazing people.


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