The Best Part of Failure

Whats the best of part of failure? Probable answers would be patience, persistence, building up courage, and many more to list down.

Everyone in life has to face failure once in their lifetime. One should realize that its very necessary to face it, to experience it as then only one will know the true meaning of success. Success and failure are two sides of a coin. They go hand in hand. If one has not seen failure and always been on top of their life, probability is higher that they haven’t seen much of it then.

Frankly & personally speaking I always believe that someday it should happen to me too. Only because then I would become strong enough and grounded when the other gets in. 

And it did happened. As I was preparing for my final academic exams of professional studies, it hit me back. In my mind and heart I had the intuition that it was going to happen not certainly but probably. Yet all I was thinking that some miracle happen in the same way which happen in my earlier exams. It was not as if I didn’t work hard for it but it’s simply that I wasn’t expecting I would make the earlier one in single shot. Hence there used to be this anxiety – “If I make my final too in single shot, will I be able to survive in the practical and real life world only by getting through academics”

There was always this feeling that may be if I could get it now only, then it would make me prepare for those practical scenarios and to be able to stand rather than having a lesser or inadequate knowledge. Unfortunately, I make it so seriously – the thoughts about failure, anxiety, that I couldn’t make it through the academics till now though I keep giving my best gradually and better than the predecessor one always. All I analysed that sometimes even though you keep it hard, things are not meant to be made for you, may be just it’s not your cup of tea or may be it’s not your time for now. Although hard work will get you through it no sooner but later.

In all of this back to back flops, I got a chance to get the real me. To understand and analyse my instincts. What I really want to do? How could I get it? What should I do for following my passion? For me this things made me who I am becoming today. From getting furious at times, impatience and arrogant but as keep moving, I could comfortably say that it helped me so much that today I feel calm, positive with very immense patient as if I have lesser or no worries. Whenever I think about my interest, it makes me forget everything. I play around in my own world of thoughts, like a movie running in front of eyes about me. And when I actually started working on my interests’ area, believe me, that moment was full of energy and I felt like a rocket of positive vibes was launched into me. I’m glad I got this time to sort out things, make newer plans, this time more precisely about how to get the things done, a road map that can be more content and clear.

To summed it up all about the success and failure, a quote worth mentioning,

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”
– Winston Churchill



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