Story telling in Millennial’s way

“…somewhere in between Tom & Jerry and Game of Thrones, we grew up.”

“…as his first baby girl hold his finger, he understands love more closely and better this time.”

One must be familiar with such quotes or one liners or stories to be precise, nowadays. Have you imagined how these one liners or 20-40 characters can be so engaging ? Isn’t it look crisped, short and having impact at the same time? Well this is the way the millennial want it. Indeed everyone among us are liking it too and getting used to it.

With the dynamic technology environment, fast-moving society who get things done with a swipe on their smart phone, right from booking a flight to having vegetables and groceries, everyone wants things to be pretty concise, content yet informative and entertaining.

Fading are those days where people read newspapers, magazines or likewise be it of any category. Today, we want information in as shorter form one can or may be just a snippet. Twitter is no more a struggle when it comes to character limit because people are now habitual with precise content.

The way of story-telling is taking a whole new shape. Just like movies are coming in sequel, prequel or even a spin-off, same way stories are doing the things. Among the millennial’s favourite that are buzzing over the social media giants like Facebook, Instagram are The Scribbled Stories, Humans of Bombay, Unofficial:Bombay High Court, Terribly Tiny Tales, Wittyfeed, Washroom Stories to mention some.

The way they are bringing up the content in such a shorter and beautiful way, writing is, at what they are mastering. Be it a microtale, snippet or a complete whole story, the person reading it will have various expression such as a wow, aww, a li’l laughter and of course a smile. Whereas Scribbled Stories, Terribly Tiny Tales, Washroom Stories works in a similar fashion with letting their followers be the writer of their own thoughts and tales with a moderation by them for grammatical errors or fine-tuning, Wittyfeed makes it more advanced form where you can find not just the tales but other stuffs too.

As far Humans of Bombay, Unofficial Bombay High Court and the Logical Indian are concerned, these three had become internet sensation on Facebook. The first one is changing the perspective of how stories of people being told to the world. The founder is an author of a book – Humans of Bombay, who brings up highly inspirational stories of people living in Mumbai, the struggle they faced, their emotions, their values for the society, and how they contribute to it and how they stand different from none but the person they used to be making them extraordinary. And as they had their tagline – “One story at a time”, every story says about situations people been to, one’s passion, dreams, morality, trivial issues, family, love, and life, written in a very beautiful manner with some great DSLR photographs of story owner as a cherry on the cake.

The Logical Indian is one among those NGO, social communities and probably the best, when comes to internet platform, that presents various society issues, its welfare and everything in between.

Unofficial Bombay High Court, a spoof entertainment site, who has been in news for their page name, landing them into various legal issues though they have sorted out in a legal way too. It has an image to come with the wittiest, cleverest and hilarious one liners not only about the maximum city – Mumbai & taking on its suburbs but also other current issues with their famous flair of humor.

Wittyfeed is among those about which I came to know a couple of days earlier via LinkedIn when one of their colleague updated about their latest A/V and when one will see the A/V , it will left you with goosebumps and a setback with nostalgic emotions. See yourself here Beyond Stories | WittyfeedWittyfeed has established itself among few start-ups from the heart of India, doing things which are quite in line with Scoopwhoop, a well-known media giant over the internet who had been remarkable with their articles, offbeat videos and all other entertaining content. Another one to mention is Inshorts that publish news like a write-ups or quick-bites.

These are few to mention among many others that are making a trend. With founder of such social handles are either millennials or in their late 20’s, not forget to mention that almost everyone is having near million followers, they are setting an examples for a new way of entrepreneurship, making news, stories, content more interesting, wittier, quirky and rather in an unorthodox fashion.



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