No One is a fresher.


Many of the organization or a start-up needs some or the other person to be experienced one to get them on board and I’m an experienced one too.

But I’m a fresher and I don’t have any experience. I don’t have those work portfolios to showcase, I don’t have any projects undertaken by me.

But I’m an experienced one when it comes to:

  • working like a hell of the late nights during the peak periods
  • understanding the pain points people have when they’re being questioned about their work culture
  • knowing how various organizations work differently
  • what people go through during their professional and corporate life
  • struggling with the failure with constant criticism, being bullied, losing the temper, being brutal due to hits of failure taunts, losing the people

These experiences today made me strong enough to get on the emotional struggle.

I’m not experienced one when it comes to the technical requirements. And for this requirements, I would say this,

We all live in a digital world. Old was the saying, “You can have anything with just a click of a button.” New is the saying, “You can have all that you want with just a touch or just by saying your wish (voice search)”

You can learn anything, anywhere and at anytime. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connectivity. If you’ll need a help or stuck into something, if you desires to learn something new, be it from dancing to singing to even solving your maths problem or to know which strategy would be best for a product launch or letting people know about your new service, you shouldn’t feel panic until and unless you have the internet.

Internet will give you suggestions, it’ll make a bridge for you to connect with few articles, blogs, videos or any medium of content. And at the end of these content creators are us, the humans. In this digital world, you can learn everything with just your gesture. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that from schooling to graduation, everything can be done online. Such is the power of internet.

If you find those opinions or suggestions useful or beneficial, apply them to your strategy. You’ll have only two results. You’ll either succeed or you’ll fail. If you succeed, you’ll go long. And fortunately, if you fail, you’ll go more long. Why and how? Failure will give you one more chance to learn and with much better understanding and experience. Ultimately you’ll land up at your milestone with the satisfaction that you didn’t make your 100% but rather much more than that.

With various trial and errors, you’ll learn, you’ll apply, you’ll get experienced and you’ll succeed. And this will be your ultimate experience. An experience that you went through, that you gain, that you — earn.

To be an experienced person, you need to learn failure first. If you had it at an early stage, you’re fortunate enough. It doesn’t mean that those who succeed aren’t fortunate, they’ll learn too with a lead. At the end, all things depends on how you take them.


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