World Photography Day

world photography day

They say memories don’t need a picture to stamp. Agreed but those pictures will give you a chance to relive those memories again, when you need them the most.

In recent times, a huge growth is being witnessed in photography not only as a hobby or a passion or an interest but also as a full-time career option. The leap is commendable and exemplary.

With such an advancement and growth, technology plays an important role in photography world. Right from drone technology to VR to native videos to highly modern equipments using modern engineering, and even the smartphones, apps coming up with inbuilt features such as slo-mo, reverse-mo, gif, editings etc. , photography world is getting much more advanced with no-stopping. From discovery of the selfie to various still images to fashion to food to events, photography is getting more people interested into it.

And not forget to mention that all this, is being bundled by some amazingly enthusiast and creative people, their stellar creativity, par excellence imagination and the passion for photography, to let the world see the world.

This #worldphotographyday, get your DSLR or digital camera or just take out your smart phone, open the camera app and start clicking if you still haven’t. Let the world know about your own world, from your eyes. 📷📹📱🎉🎈🎭❤️🤠



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