World Photography Day

world photography day

They say memories don't need a picture to stamp. Agreed but those pictures will give you a chance to relive those memories again, when you need them the most. In recent times, a huge growth is being witnessed in photography not only as a hobby or a passion or an interest but also as a … Continue reading World Photography Day


How to make your product or service lovable to the user

Hi there, Hope you all are doing good. Few days back I wrote this article on my linkedIn profile and thought I should share my thoughts via my blog too, to engage with you all. I had this observation few days back about Canva that if you want to make your product or service have a … Continue reading How to make your product or service lovable to the user

Story telling in Millennial’s way

"...somewhere in between Tom & Jerry and Game of Thrones, we grew up." " his first baby girl hold his finger, he understands love more closely and better this time." One must be familiar with such quotes or one liners or stories to be precise, nowadays. Have you imagined how these one liners or 20-40 … Continue reading Story telling in Millennial’s way

The Best Part of Failure

Whats the best of part of failure? Probable answers would be patience, persistence, building up courage, and many more to list down. Everyone in life has to face failure once in their lifetime. One should realize that its very necessary to face it, to experience it as then only one will know the true meaning … Continue reading The Best Part of Failure

Let the writing do

Before I start blogging and come with various stuff like write-ups, articles, etc. here's a gist of mine. I am a student from India pursuing professional studies. Completed my graduation in commerce. Apart from academics I have a keen interest in 'Internet of things' like many other millennial have these days. I have a bit … Continue reading Let the writing do